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Creative Discovery Museum is one of the top children's museums in the country. Located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, just steps away from the Tennessee Aquarium, Tennessee Riverfront and other fun Chattanooga Attractions for kids.

The Hot Potato

For the Love of the Picky Eater!

Carrie Fitzsimmons

“But, mom! I don’t like peas!”

“Dad, please don’t make me eat my broccoli!”

As memories reel from my childhood, I had two creative parents who encouraged healthy eating habits but the struggle for them was real! My parents would come up with creative approaches such as, “Eat your dinner and you can have a cookie,” Or, “Eat this bite for papaw! Eat this bite for your cousin!” As I ate for everyone in my family tree, It seemed like the three bite rule was going strong in my years as a toddler. You know the one… “Eat three more bites and you are done!”

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