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Creative Discovery Museum is one of the top children's museums in the country. Located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, just steps away from the Tennessee Aquarium, Tennessee Riverfront and other fun Chattanooga Attractions for kids


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  • OPEN Wednesday, November 26
  • CLOSED Thursday, November 27
  • CLOSED Tuesday, December 24
  • CLOSED Wednesday, December 25
  • OPEN Tuesday, December 31
  • OPEN Wednesday, January 1
                (noon - 5)

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The Hot Potato

Dew vs. Frost 

KarenBy: Karen Dewhirst
Museum Science Manager

There is a lot of cold weather science outside your front door this time of year. Experiencing the snow, sleet, frost, dew, fog, and blustery north wind of the season are great ways to foster an interest in the science of weather.

Try this simple experiment to explore the difference between dew and frost:Continue reading →

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