Now Showing - Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run


Saturday, February 1 - Sunday, May 11

Creative Discovery Museum is pleased to announce that the extremely popular Good For You: Healthy Fun on the Run exhibit, which made its debut two years ago, will return to Chattanooga. The exhibit will be on display from Saturday, February 1 until Sunday, May 11, 2014.

The children’s book, Good for You: Adventures with Ginger and George, tells the story of Ginger and her friends in the Good for You Crew. Ginger is a potato chip, soda guzzling, couch potato who loves to watch TV. When her mother orders her out of the house, she and her faithful dog George begin an adventure that leads to a world of healthy foods and active play. The Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run exhibit follows the story line of the book and includes the following areas:

Entrance Area: Visitors are greeted by life-sized cutouts of Ginger, her faithful dog George and all the members of the Good for You Crew: Sam, Maria, Michael, Lea, Josh and Nelson. The entrance graphic provides a perfect photo opportunity for children to join the crew.
Introductory Area: In this area, visitors can listen to their heart as a red light flashes and a drum plays in exact sync with the user’s heartbeat. An interactive game illustrates the importance of balancing food choices (energy in) with physical activities (energy out). This area also features an interactive video wall where children need to use their whole bodies to capture floating images of food and create a balanced meal on their plate.

Sam’s Garden and Kitchen: These areas allow visitors to experience “food from the garden to the table” as they plant food and gather it to cook. The garden includes furrows for planting and picking authentic looking vegetables as well as vines and trees holding fruit. After planting and gathering food, children will delight in taking the food to a play kitchen where they can be chefs using recipes and equipment just their size. Children will learn about nutrition and discover how healthy it is to eat foods of many different colors in the “eat a rainbow” activity.

Maria’s Farmers’ Market: At the Farmers’ Market with its bins of fruits, vegetables and other products, visitors can investigate healthy food choices and discover what parts of a plant they can eat: fruit, root, or leaf. Costumes and cash registers are provided so children can take on the role of shoppers or sellers.

Nelson’s Treehouse: The Treehouse provides opportunities for climbing and encourages healthy outdoor play. Visitors will enjoy raising the flag, using pulleys to move supplies up the treehouse and let their imaginations run wild in their treetop clubhouse.

Michael and Lea’s Campsite: Visitors will have an opportunity to explore more ways to enjoy physical movement and connect with nature at the campsite. Kids can traverse a climbing wall, try out a whitewater kayak, go camping, “sleep” in a tent, and explore a cave.

Josh’s Living Room: This area provides guests with a variety of active movement based activities for fun indoor play. Guests can build forts, play dress up and engage in board games.

Good for You: Adventures with Ginger and George, and the exhibit Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run are made possible by grants from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Creative Discovery Museum is a Good to Grow Museum as designated by the Association of Children’s Museums.