Destination Discovery | After Care at St. Peter's Episcopal School

We believe your children are competent, resourceful, intelligent, imaginative, creative beings full of curiosity about the world around them. Creative Discovery Museum offers a fresh vision of after school programming by creating a framework using what research tells us is good for children while encouraging and supporting joy, wonder and curiosity. We are partnering with St. Peter’s in order to intentionally make our view of your children evident to the children, families, staff and the community. We will communicate this view by creating a relationship with your child and your family, communicating with school administration and with families, and by asking for you to evaluate our programming periodically.

We incorporate art, science, music, and language activities that invite your children to inquire and invent as they explore and make meaning of the world around them. One day during their exploration time, your child may be engaged in an art activity. The next, they may be totally involved in reading a book or in moving outside. Our offerings will vary from day to day and support and enhance the focus of their school day.

Exact schedules will be determined when we know more about how many children will be involved in the program but all age groups will experience:

  • Destination Imagination (This time will allow children to explore their world through hands-on, inquiry based activities.)
  • Destination Homework Mission (School-age students will work on their homework during this time. Literacy Destination for the preschool age group)
  • Destination Exploration (A time for open-ended outdoor exploration)


Creative Discovery Museum carefully chooses staff members that share our view of who your children are, and who are uniquely able to engage with your child in their after school programming.

The program is led by Alyson Thompson, who spent has been at St. Peter’s for the previous two years and has developed a relationship with many of your children already. Alyson is a high-energy girl and is especially gifted in behavior management. She has been on staff at the museum for over 5 years and is excited about taking after school programming to the next level at St. Peter’s. Aly will help out in all the classrooms and be a point person for any questions or concerns you may have.

Our preschool teacher is Lily Ramsey. Lily has several years experience working with preschool-age children. Ms. Lily is a nurturing teacher who will engage your children in fun experiences based around a weekly theme.

Micaela Oer is working with our kindergarten through second grade students. Micaela is finishing her Psychology degree at UTC and worked with this age group last year at St. Peter’s. She has a proven track record of building relationships with these children and their families and enjoys engaging with them as they progress through their afternoons.

Returning to work with our third through fifth grade students, Elizabeth Gaffney(formerly Elizabeth Kiefer) enjoys interacting with these older students. She has several years experience working in summer camp and knows many fun games and songs that she drops into the children’s afternoons to spice things up.