We understand the importance of creative, hands-on, play activities for healthy development and strive to create an inclusive environment for all guests. Accommodations are provided at the Museum so that all children will have equal opportunities to play and explore. We welcome any suggestions that you may have for improvement in the way we serve inclusive audiences. Listed below are some of the accommodations provided at the Museum.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The entire Museum is wheelchair accessible except for the tower located on the second floor and the upper levels of RiverPlay. There is a ramp located on the front of the building for access to the Museum and an elevator located by Dino-Mite Café for access to the second floor. All Museum restrooms are wheelchair accessible.


To help with auditory sensitivities, headphones are available for check-out in the Make It exhibit. Headphones can be worn throughout the duration of your visit. Listed below are areas in the Museum that are typically louder than others. 

  • Make It: Make It is an exhibit where children are encouraged to build and create. This gallery includes a workshop where children can use real tools such as hammers and sewing machines/tools with adult supervision. This area can be loud at times and is an area where headphones could be beneficial. This is also where the headphones are available for check-out.
  • Science Shows: At various times, science demonstrations occur in the auditorium. Our science shows usually include explosions and other loud noises. Risers serve as seats in this area and they are also loud when they are kicked. This is area where headphones could be helpful if you or your child has auditory sensitivities.
  • Performing Arts: In Performing Arts, children have the opportunity to play many different types of instruments. This area can become loud depending on how many instruments are being played. Headphones could help block out some of the noise in this area.

Quiet Space

Discovery Library is located on the second floor in the museum. This is a quiet space where children can go if they become overwhelmed by sensory input in the Museum. There are many books to read in this room and areas to sit and relax. You are welcome to close the doors to this room if the Museum is still too loud for your family.

Please call us at (423) 756-2738 if you require any other accommodations or if you have any questions regarding what is available.