Alyssa Fjeld Digs the Dinos


Is she digging for buried treasure?

You could say she already found it . . .


Alyssa began coming to Creative Discovery Museum as a young child with her parents. She loved Excavation Station where she could dig for dinosaur bones and learn about rocks and minerals.

Her passion, that blossomed at the Museum, inspired her to major in geology at UTC with future plans of becoming a paleontologist studying Pleistocene mammals.

When children discover their passions, you can inspire their lives forever. As a donor of the Museum, you have helped spark a future and a career for Alyssa. Thank you for your support. Today I am asking again for your help inspiring all children to explore, innovate, create, and play.

Alyssa’s parents encouraged her budding interest by giving her countless books about minerals and dinosaurs. “I just couldn’t believe people could get jobs working with rocks or dinosaur bones,” says Alyssa. “I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

As a student, Alyssa volunteered at the Museum at the Natural Treasures Trading Post. She helped children bringing in their treasures from the outdoors learn more about the item and trade for other things, such as fool’s gold or bits of amethyst. “I would have loved the Trading Post when I was a kid,” says Alyssa. Volunteering led her to working at the Museum as a Museum Educator while she studies at UTC. You will find her in a blue lab coat working alongside many other college students employed at the Museum.

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  • Museum Apprentice program where 100 teen volunteers develop life and leadership skills

“Unless I had come to the Museum as a child, I don’t think I would have developed an interest in geology or paleontology,” says Alyssa. “It wasn’t something my friends were interested in at the time, but I became passionate about it.”

You can help provide opportunities for kids to explore things they may not be exposed to otherwise. Your gift will provide meaningful experiences and exhibits like Excavation Station that inspire our children. Creative Discovery Museum is a non-profit community asset created first and foremost for the families of Chattanooga serving over 250,000 people each year.

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