Chemistry Fun Day

Join us for Chemistry Fun Day on Saturday, October 27 from noon to 4:00 p.m.! Guests will have the learn what chemists do, the importance of chemistry in our everyday lives, and gain confidence in learning about and participating in chemistry exploration. Local chemists, geologists and students of those sciences will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate experiments!

  • Cleaning Oil Spills – use different chemical and physical methods to clean up an oil spill
  • Build a Battery – build a battery that converts chemical energy to electrical energy
  • Chemistry Makes Scents – identify mystery scents while exploring the structures of the molecules being smelled
  • Chemistry is Colorful – use paper chromatography to separate colors in similar markers and solve a mystery
  • Gum and Chocolate – can gum be dissolved by chocolate?
  • What’s in the Water – use chemistry tools to explore hidden properties in water
  • Sublimation Bubbles – collect fog in bubbles while exploring dry ice
  • Rocket Reactions – launch a tiny rocket using the chemistry for baking soda and citric acid
  • Nature of Dye – make a colorful dye out of crushed bugs and water
  • Molecules in Motion – explore how objects respond to changes in air pressure

All activities are free with admission to the Museum.