School Readiness Skills - Color Recognition

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Along with shape recognition, color recognition is an important step in cognitive development for children. It plays a part it object recognition, and helps a child develop the descriptive language skills that will ensure clear communication. Here are a few simple things you can do with your child that will help develop this skill. 

  • Help your child recognize and name the colors yellow, red, blue, orange, green brown, black, purple, pink, gray and white
  • Paint and experiment with watercolor paints
  • Include colors in your daily conversations with your
  • Let your child color with markers on coffee filters, then spray the filter with water and talk about new colors you see
  • Play with play dough and let your child mix some of the colors to discover how new colors are made
  • Provide several cups of water colored with different colors of food coloring and use plastic eye droppers to drip colors onto paper towels or on paper
  • Pour a box of baking soda onto a tray, then mix vinegar with food coloring and use eye droppers to drip into the dry baking soda. Watch the colors fizz
  • Put some shaving cream in a Ziplock bag and add a couple of drops of food coloring. Let your child squeeze the bag until the color is mixed, then add drops of a different color and make a new color. Start with the primary colors red, yellow and blue and add colors to make the secondary colors purple, green and orange
  • String beads of different colors and show your child how to make a pattern using the colors.
  • Buy juice pops or popsicles and ask your child to name the color before eating one
  • Ask your child about the colors of his/her food
  • Add food coloring to icing to create new colors
  • Let your child make a multicolor tissue paper or construction paper collage