Themed Birthday Parties

$310 for members and $370 for non-members
Available 4-6 p.m. Monday-Sunday
Children ages five and up (maximum 15 participating children, maximum guests 30)
To schedule a Themed Birthday Party please contact Nancy at (423) 648-6045 or Sheila at (423) 648-6040.

Does your child love science, exciting hands-on activities and helping you cook in the kitchen? If so, Creative Discovery Museum has the perfect birthday party for you! The Museum can now be booked for exclusive themed children’s birthday parties!

Cooking Birthday Party

Cooking Birthday Parties will take place in the Museum’s Culinary Corner, a special area of the Museum that offers a unique, child-friendly cooking experience. The birthday child receives a CDM embroidered apron to keep. Party guests will decorate chef hats in the and make individual pizzas. While the pizzas are baking, guests will create a photo keepsake card for the birthday child. They will ice and decorate their own cupcake and enjoy it with ice cream. Gifts will be opened, and the party will move into the Museum for exclusive, after-hours exploration. All parties end with a dance party to close out the festivities.

Wizards and Dragons Party

Enjoy a magical party full of science that you'll never forget!  Culinary Corner will be transformed into a magical place of learning and exploration during this party. The birthday child receives a wizard hat to keep. As party guests arrive, they will begin making wands. When all guests have arrived, they will divide among four mystical experiences:

  • Wingardium Leviosa – Is it magic or science? Watch as a ping pong ball levitates! (We'll give you a hint: it's the Bernoulli principle).
  • Dragon Eggs – Watch in amazement as an egg that doesn’t fit in the mouth of a jar is suddenly sucked in during this demonstration of the effects of cold and hot air.
  • Screaming Mandrake Balloons – Children will make their own screaming mandrake as they learn about the science of motion and sound.
  • Professor’s Orb – Create a crystal ball using dry ice. What they see in it will be only for them to fulfill.

After the experiences, guests will make magic potions to drink with cake, decorated to match the party's theme, and ice cream. We’ll open gifts and spend the remainder of the time playing in the Museum. All parties end with a dance party to close out the festivities.

Art Party

Get creative during our Art Party! The birthday child receives a CDM art apron to keep. As guests arrive, they will work together on an art piece keepsake that will be given to the birthday child. Party guests will enjoy cake, decorated to match the party theme, and ice cream. There will  be time designated to open gifts. Guests will be guided through a unique art experience led by a Museum Educator and will create a piece of art to take home from the party. Guests will then enjoy time in the museum.  All parties end with a dance party to close out the festivities.

Mad Scientist Party

Explore all things science during this unique party. The birthday child receives a CDM lab coat as a keepsake. As guests arrive for this party, they will create a Mad Scientist head piece. During the party, guests will conduct four experiments.

  • Catapults - Create a brick wall and then try to break it down using a catapult. This activity used simple machines and allows children to experiment with trajectory and force.
  • Blow It Up - Blow up a balloon using gas created in a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar.
  • Boo Bubbler – Experience and explore the mystery of sublimation
  • Snow - Add moisture to sodium polyacrylate and watch a chemical reaction happen before their very own eyes.

    Guests will also experience a Science Demo led by a Museum Educator. After the Science Demo, there will be time to play in the Museum, cake and ice cream, time to open gifts, and ends with a dance party. 
  • Maker Party

    The birthday child receives a CDM maker apron as a keepsake. As guests arrive for this party, they will have engineering games to experiment with. When everyone has arrived, guests will enjoy
    cake and ice cream and open gifts. The party will move to the Make It exhibit. The children will make a unique keepsake with the help of a Museum Educator  and Programs Educator. As children finish, they will play in the Museum. This party comes with a unique cake decorated to match the party theme. All parties end with a dance party to close out the festivities.

    PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Payment in full is due at time of registration. Cancellations 20 or more business days prior to the start date of the program will be fully refunded. Any cancellations received less than 20 business days prior to the first day of the program will forfeit 50% of the program fees. No refunds will be given for cancellations made the day of the program or later.

    With the wide range of food allergies, the Museum can not guarantee this program is allergen free. Please contact the Museum in advance if food allergies are a concern for your family.