Corner Clinic

The doctor is in at Creative Discovery Museum.  Help your children become more comfortable with doctor visits by letting them explore a realistic doctor's office. You will be able to treat a patient, try out tools a doctor might use, play with a life-size skeleton, look at x-rays and work in a hospital lab.  By allowing children to play and explore in a fun and inviting clinic environment, we hope to make the experience of a real doctor's visit less mysterious and intimidating.  A visit to the Doctor's Clinic will also help children better understand their bodies through role playing games while also learning the importance of yearly check-ups. 

Here are some activities you can do with your family:

  • Have children act out their last or next visit to the doctor.
  • Role play with your child: take turns playing doctor and patient and help your child create a dialogue for describing how he/she feels.
  • Use the exhibit models and resources to discuss what organs are and how they work.