Creative Discovery Museum Connectors

The Creative Discovery Museum Connectors Group is a select group of teachers working to benefit their school and the Museum by providing a vital link between the two. This relationship helps to insure that students receive the best possible benefit from the programs at Creative Discovery Museum.

The role of the Connector is to connect the Museum to your school.

  • You will be an advocate with your staff explaining the Museum-A-Go-Go outreach program, Science Nights, School Tours, and the various other programs that we offer.
  • You will explain the pricing to your staff and suggest possible funding routes such as Allied Arts grants, PTO funds, Title I funds, parent gifts for birthdays or Christmas.
  • You may be asked to pilot a new outreach lesson or school tour for free so that we may get your valuable feedback as we design our programs.
  • You will receive a $25 discount on any reservations you make for outreach programs, school tours, science nights, and teacher workshops.
  • Connectors may choose a particular classroom to adopt if they are not a classroom teacher and will recieve a $25 discount every time they book for THAT class.
  • You will advise Creative Discovery Museum on the creation of new programs and have input on the structure of lessons and tours we offer to schools.
  • Best of all, you will receive a free family membership for your help.

While attending three meetings a year, Connectors get a preview of new materials, lessons, and coming attractions and have the opportunity to meet with other teachers and share ideas for their classrooms. You will also be able to meet our presenters who are all professional educators like yourself.

If you are interested in becoming the Connector for your school, please call Suzanne Ness at (423) 648-6068 or email her at