Family Time Ideas

The good news is that what children want is free and readily available — family time!

Family Time

In between visits to Creative Discovery Museum, here are some suggestions for together family time well spent.

Do household chores

Children love to mimic the adult world so let them. Use the kid sized versions of your real tools and let them sweep, mop, dust and sort items alongside you.

Bake something together

Baking is a great sensory experience and a great way to introduce mathematical concepts. 

Wash the car

Nothing is more fun for a child than playing in the water and most three year olds can use a rag and a towel for a job well done.

And for the Pure Fun of It...

Get a magnifying glass

Look at items in nature and the man-made world through a magnifying glass.  This is a great activity for children three and under. 

Play a board game

Check out the age appropriateness of the game first.

Look at the clouds

This is a great activity for children and adults.  Have fun identifying different cloud shapes and try to guess what each cloud resembles.


Reading is extremely important for the emotional, cognitive, and social growth of a child.


Talking with your kids helps instill in them listening and conversation skills that will benefit them the rest of their lives.