Make It

Make It is an area located within the Inventors’ Clubhouse gallery designed to teach children the skills and tools that help inventors and makers turn ideas into reality.

Outfitted with simple tools from hammers and saws to sewing machines, Make It gives children an opportunity to create a guided project or design and make something of their own. Some of the guided projects held in Make It include woodworking, sewing, construction, electronics, and upcycling. Pre-programmed, magnetic blocks that make assembling a robot simple are also located in the space.

Much of Make It is dedicated to guests aged five and up, but there is also a special space for Young Makers, aged 3-4, equipped with age appropriate tools and materials at a special workbench. The space is supervised by a trained staff member at all times to ensure a safe and fun experience for each guest.

Activities in Make It change out on a regular basis so that there is always something new to learn and experience.

Make It expanded to occupy most of the former Inventors' Clubhouse in the spring of 2016. One of the exciting new additions is a new large-scale building kit called the Rigamajig. This kit will allow guests to work together to come up with creative engineering solutions using the toy's many different components. There's no limit to what you can build and what it can do. Stop by soon to come up with your own contraption! Check out this cool video to see just a little bit of what you can do with the Rigamajig.

Rigamajig was provided through a grant from 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN  and  KaBOOM! Play Matters for all Kids

Make It is not recommended for children under the age of three since the space contains small objects that might become a choke hazard.