Museum Preparation Stories

Two Museum Preparation Stories have been created to help children who have difficulties with transitions and negative behaviors in community settings better prepare for their visit. These stories describe what will be seen and what to expect when going through the Museum, and will also provide children with appropriate responses to the sensory input. The story is written from a child’s perspective and include visuals of the Museum. The stories can be tailored to fit the needs of your family, allowing families to use the sections that are most applicable to their visit.

We encourage you to read the story with your children multiple times in the days leading up to your visit. If possible, read these stories right before your visit to the Museum and encourage children who are readers to read these stories out loud. There is a story geared towards the family who is planning a regular visit, and there is also a school tour story available to help children prepare for a school trips to the museum. The links to these stories are provided below. Copies of the Museum Preparation Stories can also be checked out at the front desk upon arrival if you would like to use this aid while in the Museum. After using the Museum Preparation Stories, we would appreciate it if you could use the link for a 6-question survey below to give us feedback, which will help us make adjustments to these stories to increase their effectiveness. We hope these stories will be helpful for your family and look forward to reading your feedback!