Natural Treasures Trading Post

Natural (not man-made) treasures are everywhere, even just outside your door! Go outside and search for something in nature that catches your eye. The treasure you find could be a fossil, a leaf or an acorn. The possibilities are endless. Your natural treasure is worth points that can be used to trade for an item in the Museum's Natural Treasures Trading Post! Items up for trade include rocks and minerals, seashells, sand from around the world and much more! 

 Here’s how it works:

1. Snap a photo of your natural treasure. 

2. Send the photo of the natural treasure to the Museum’s Treasure Keeper at along with your name and a description of why you like the item you discovered. When you submit your photo and your description, you'll receive a Natural Treasures Trading Post certificate worth 50 points!

3. When CDM reopens, bring in your certificate and present it at the ticket desk. A staff member will look up your record and let you choose a special treasure from the Museum's collection! 

Want to earn more points? Do some digging! You can earn more points by researching additional information about the item and reporting your findings! For example, if you find a cool leaf you could look up:

a. the name of the plant it came from,

b. where the plant lives, and

c. the habitat of the plant.

Each fact is worth 50 points. By learning three additional facts about the natural treasure, you have earned 150 extra points! Add that to the 50 points for the photo and initial description for a total of 200 points!

We can't wait to see what you've collected! In addition to emailing us your treasure, share your experience with us by tagging Creative Discovery Museum on social media and using #CDMathome.