CDM Playmaker

CDM changes out the upstairs exhibit at least three times every year, bringing new, fun, hands-on experiences for our visitors to explore! As a nonprofit, we rely on community support to help fund each new exhibit. CDM Playmakers is designed to show our youngest supporters that they can make a real difference in the community!

Help us create the new CDM!

This season's Playmaker will directly support our Ignite Discovery: Creating the new CDM capital campaign. The Museum will undergo comprehensive renovations beginning this summer.

Your donation of $50 includes a plaque, hand-crafted out of balsa wood in our Make It Workshop and engraved with the Playmaker's name. The plaques will be on display in the Museum until renovations begin in August 2021. We will then send the engraved plaque to you as a keepsake.

By seeing their name on the wall, your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) know that they helped support their Museum.

Click here to become a CDM Playmaker today!

Thank you for supporting Creative Discovery Museum!