Webelo Activity Badge

Webelo Activity Badge

During a lock-in, Scouts have the opportunity to complete the requirements for a badge. All Scouts participate in the same activity and earn their badges together as a group. Groups will select one program and complete the requirements guided by Museum staff.

One adult chaperone is required for every five children. Required chaperones receive free admission. To book a Webelo/AOL Adventure Lock-in, contact Reservations at (423) 648-6040.


Art Explosion

Art museum, gallery, or exhibit. Discuss with an adult the art you saw. What did you like? Create two self-portraits using two different techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and computer illustration. Do the following:

  • Use clay to sculpt a simple form.
  • Create a freestanding sculpture or mobile using wood, metal, papier-mâché, or found or recycled objects.
  • Make a display of origami or kirigami projects.

Adventures in Science

Complete the following requirements.

1. An experiment is a “fair test” to compare possible explanations. Draw a picture of a fair test that shows what you need to do to test a fertilizer’s effects on plant growth.

2. Visit a museum, a college, a laboratory, an observatory, a zoo, an aquarium, or other facility that employs scientists. Prepare three questions ahead of time, and talk to a scientist about his or her work.

Complete the following:

  • Build a model solar system. Chart the distances between the planets so that the model is to scale. Use what you learned from this requirement to explain the value of making a model in science.
  • With adult supervision, build and launch a model rocket. Use the rocket to design a fair test to answer a question about force or motion.
  • Study the night sky. Sketch the appearance of the North Star (Polaris) and the Big Dipper (part of the Ursa Major constellation) over at least six hours (which may be spread over several nights). Describe what you observed and explain the meaning of your observations.
  • Create two circuits of three light bulbs and a battery. Construct one as a series circuit and the other as a parallel circuit.

Members & Non-members

Overnight: $30/person, minimum of $750 required; Prime Time $20/person, minimum $500 required

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