Science Theatre

Sense-ational Science

When phenomena are not understood, they often seem like magic. However, once the underlying concept is explained, students realize that it isn’t magic after all. It’s science! In this presentation, children will look at simple tricks and use their five senses to figure out how these illusions use science to trick the audience. The show begins with disappearing water and paper tricks, sleight of hand and optical illusions, and moves into science experiments using real laboratory equipment. Throughout this highly interactive 30-minute program, students will use all five senses as a part of the following curriculum alignments:

  • participate in and observe laboratory experiments
  • develop hypotheses to predict the outcome of experiments
  • suggest ways to test ideas
  • learn about safe handling of very hot, very cold, and dangerous materials
  • understand the expansion and contraction of materials when heated or cooled
  • explore principles of the forces of motion and gravity
  • observe changes in states of matter and chemical changes
  • discuss jobs using science
  • discover that everyone can be a scientist
Presentation Information
  • Designed for students in Kindergarten and 1st grades
  • STEM Tours support academic standards
  • STEM Tours include a 30-minute demonstration, a 30-minute lab experience and 1-hour in our newly renovated science exhibits
  • The Science Theater seats 100 people
  • All groups must be accompanied by a parent, teacher or adult leader
Pricing Structure
  • $8 per student for groups of 30 or more
  • No additional adults can be accommodated

To book a STEM Tour, please call Sheila at (423) 648-6040 or Abigail at (423) 648-6045. Please make reservations 2-3 weeks in advance.

Creative Discovery Museum's Shop is excited to offer groups a choice of two special keepsake bundles!

  • 1 CDM logo cup
  • 1 CDM small sticker
  • 1 CDM pencil OR 1 3D T-Rex Postcard
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  • 1 CDM pencil OR 1 3D T-Rex Postcard

All items are subject to change according to availability.              

Please order your bundles at least five days in advance of your tour. Keepsake bundles must be paid for prior to your tour.

To order: Call the Museum shop at (423) 756-2738, ext. 276. Or you can download a copy of the order form and submit your order via fax at (423) 267-9344.