Science Theatre


CDM's Electrified Science Theater will literally raise the hair of participants using a Magneto Generator, a 1 million volt Tesla Coil and a 7-foot tall Van de Graff Generator! Students will understand conductors and insulators, open and closed circuits, and the role that electrons play in electricity.

Presentation Information
  • Designed for students in middle school
  • Science Theaters are aligned with the Tennessee, Georgia and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Science Theater programs last 45 minutes
  • The Science Theater seats 130 people
  • All groups must be accompanied by a parent, teacher or adult leader
Pricing Structure
  • $5 per student for groups of 30 or more
  • One adult for every 5 students receives free admission
  • Additional adults are $7.75 per person
  • Individual admissions not covered by the group check must pay full admission

To book a Science Theater, please call Sheila at (423) 648-6040 or Amber at (423) 648-6045. Please make reservations 2-3 weeks in advance. In the event you cancel a confirmed program within one week of the reservation, you will be invoices for half of the amount of your group's original reservation.