Science Theatre

Shock Theater

The accumulation of electrons or the movement of electrons defines which type of electricity students encounter every day. Static electricity is understood through the use of the Van de Graff generator which sends objects flying through the air without touching them. Brave students experience the sensation of electrons raising their hair. Use of the magneto generator guarantees the concepts of conductor and insulators, open and closed circuits, and the power of electricity will never be forgotten by the courageous kids who volunteer or the students watching their faces and reactions to this "shocking" experiment. Simple switches and light bulbs illustrate parallel and series circuitry. The energy behind a small Tesla coil and a 1,000,000 volt Tesla coil will be contrasted when an adult volunteer is placed in the Faraday cage to have lightning shot directly at the cage. The power and dangers of lightning are experienced so close that children will smell the ozone created in the laboratory.

Presentation Information
  • Designed for students in upper elementary
  • Science Theaters are aligned with the Tennessee, Georgia and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Science Theater programs last 45 minutes
  • The Science Theater seats 130 people
  • All groups must be accompanied by a parent, teacher or adult leader
Pricing Structure
  • $5 per student for groups of 30 or more
  • One adult for every 5 students receives free admission
  • Additional adults are $7.75 per person
  • Individual admissions not covered by the group check must pay full admission

To book a Science Theater, please call Sheila at (423) 648-6040 or Amber at (423) 648-6045. Please make reservations 2-3 weeks in advance. In the event you cancel a confirmed program within one week of the reservation, you will be invoices for half of the amount of your group's original reservation.