Science Theatre

Wonder By Thunder

All weather forecasting begins with observing the current conditions to predict future weather.  Close examination of our rooftop weather station brings definition to students’ observations of the day’s weather.  A barometer, anemometer, hygrometer, thermometer, rain gauge, wind vane, weather balloons, and satellites are tools used to collect weather and atmospheric data.  The effect of geographic features such as mountains, oceans, rivers, and plains are discussed as the students create different storm phenomena in the laboratory.  Fog, lightning, thunder, tornadoes and hurricanes educate students as they explore the physical science principles involved in these dangerous weather conditions, including:

  • Bernoulli principle
  • Movement of air due to heating and cooling
  • Static electricity
  • Condensation and evaporation
Presentation Information
  • Designed for students in upper elementary
  • Science Theaters are aligned with the Tennessee, Georgia and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Science Theater programs last 45 minutes
  • The Science Theater seats 130 people
  • All groups must be accompanied by a parent, teacher or adult leader
Pricing Structure
  • $5 per student for groups of 30 or more
  • One adult for every 5 students receives free admission
  • Additional adults are $7.75 per person
  • Individual admissions not covered by the group check must pay full admission

To book a Science Theater, please call Sheila at (423) 648-6040 or Amber at (423) 648-6045. Please make reservations 2-3 weeks in advance. In the event you cancel a confirmed program within one week of the reservation, you will be invoices for half of the amount of your group's original reservation.