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Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us. Our goal is to provide families with excellent, educational experiences presented in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Please let us know how we can exceed your expectations for the time you spend with us.

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Parking and Downtown

Does the Museum provide parking for guests?
There are many parking lots and garages around the Museum. There is also limited street parking. All the parking lots and garages charge a parking fee and the fee varies from lot to lot. The most convenient (and one of the cheapest) lots is located behind the Museum. The entrance to this lot is on 3rd Street between Chestnut Street and the baseball stadium. A parking map is available here.
How close are you to other downtown attractions?
Creative Discovery Museum is located in the heart of downtown. We are within walking distance to several other downtown attractions, including the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX 3D Theater. We are also conveniently located close to the free downtown shuttle terminal. Our Visitor Services Associates will be happy to help you with any question you may have about other downtown attractions.
Where can we eat downtown?
The Museum is home to Café Dino-mite, which has several family friendly lunch and snack options to choose from. There are also many wonderful restaurants located within easy walking distance from the museum. Our Visitor Service Associates will be happy to help you with any questions about downtown restaurant locations. A map of locations in walking distance is available online if you click here.

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Museum Activities

How long does it take to go through the Museum?
We recommend that you allow at least two hours to enjoy your visit. Many families spend several hours or even the entire day exploring the Museum.
What is there to do at the Museum?
The Museum has 8 permanent exhibit areas and one changing exhibit gallery. In addition to our exhibits, we offer a variety of lessons and activities. The activity board located in the lobby has a complete schedule of the days’ activities.
What are your busiest days and times?
Saturday is the busiest day of the week and spring and summer are the busiest seasons of the year for family visitors at the Museum. Most group tours occur during April and May; however, groups schedule Museum tours and programs throughout the year. Please consult our online group calendar or call at (423) 756-2738 the day before or the day of your visit for information about groups that may be touring the Museum.
Does the Museum have a food-allergy free environment?
With the wide range of known food allergies, the Museum can not guarantee that this program is allergen free. Please contact the Museum at (423) 756-2738 in advance if food allergies are a concern for your family.

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Museum Policies

Can my child visit the Museum unsupervised?

Under no circumstances is a child under the age of 13 allowed inside the Museum without supervision. Children 13 and under may be supervised by a person 14 years or older. If the person supervising is between the ages of 14 to 15, an adult MUST come inside and sign a permission slip at the ticket desk in the presence of a Museum staff member. 

Children 13 - 15 years old: May visit the Museum without an adult only if an adult has come into the building and signed the permission slip at the ticket desk. Creative Discovery Museum is not responsible for supervising during this visit or for ensuring children remain in the building. Even with parental permission, the Museum does not have the legal right to detain anyone of any age in the building.

Children 16 years and older:Are considered as adults in regards to admission and do not need to be accompanied by adults. If visiting without accompanying children, guests must leave a valid photo ID at the Ticket Desk.

What happens if I drop my child off and drive away, or enter with my child and then leave?

Unaccompanied children will not be granted admission to the Museum. Unaccompanied children found inside the Museum will be brought to the security office to wait while we try to contact a parent or guardian. Staff will make every effort to detain unaccompanied children in the Museum security office while we make contact with a caregiver. However, the Museum does not have the legal right to detain anyone in the building. In the event we cannot locate a supervising adult, we are required to call the Police.

How often do you clean/sanitize?
Creative Discovery Museum utilizes a detailed cleaning schedule to ensure that all exhibits and props are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Props in the toddler areas are sanitized daily. All costumes are cleaned on a regular rotation.
Do you have a coat check or lockers?
We do not have a coat check or lockers. There is a small coat rack located near the ticket desk which guests may use at their own risk. The Museum is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
Are strollers permitted in the Museum?
Strollers are permitted throughout the Museum.
Where can I put my stroller?
There is a stroller “parking” area in the atrium of the Museum and near the Make It area. Strollers are left there at your own risk.
Is the Museum wheelchair accessible?
With the exception of the Tower and the top level of RiverPlay, all areas of the Museum are wheelchair accessible.
What if I lost/found something while at the Museum?
A lost and found area is located at the ticket desk.
What do I do if I have a first aid emergency?
If you require any sort of first aid during your visit please find a staff member to assist you. We have a first aid room with band aids, icepacks, and other first aid supplies. Only Museum staff members are able to access the first aid room.
Who supports the Museum?
Creative Discovery Museum is a not for profit organization that is supported by its admission and program fees along with the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations and Allied Arts. The Museum receives some state and federal support for special projects and programs.
Are there any activities for young toddlers?
Creative Discovery Museum is specifically designed for children of all ages. There are areas within all of the exhibits for toddlers to enjoy. The Little Yellow House exhibit is designed specifically to meet the developmental needs of children 4 years old and younger. The Little Yellow House also has an enclosed infant's garden for children under 18 months. 
Are there activities for adults?
Although many people think of Creative Discovery Museum as a children’s museum we like to think of ourselves as a family museum. Your child’s experience at the Museum will be enriched by your active participation. While the exhibits, lessons and activities are designed to appeal to children, they are engaging for adults as well.
Can I leave and come back?
Yes, as long as you have your wrist band on, you may leave and return to the Museum on the same day.
When do you sell your last ticket?
We sell our last ticket one hour prior to closing.
What discounts do you have?
We offer discounts to seniors, AAA members, military personnel and their families, Chattanooga Police officers, Chattanooga Firefighters, Hamilton County Sheriffs and those who have their ticket stubs from a recent visit to the Aquarium. Coupons are available in various coupon books including the Kids First coupon book. We also offer an online coupon that you can print and bring in for a dollar off admission.
Do I get a discount for having a Tennessee Aquarium membership?
You can get $2.00 off your ticket price if you show your Aquarium ticket stub or Aquarium membership card. Unfortunately we can not offer discounts without the ticket stub or current Aquarium membership card.
Can I combine discounts?
No, discounts cannot be combined.
I bought triple pack tickets. Can I pick them up here?
Triple pack tickets must be picked up at the Aquarium box office. However, if you have not already made the purchase, we can offer you the discount for our tickets now and you will receive the discount for the Aquarium and IMAX when you purchase those tickets together at the Aquarium.
Where is the nearest ATM?
There is not an ATM on Museum premises at this time. The closest ATM is at the Hilton next door.

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