View It and Do It

Can’t make it to the Museum? Let us come to you! We now offer our standards-based, exciting Science Theater lessons in a virtual, flexible, hands-on format through View It and Do It! 

View it and Do It allows teachers and their students to experience our exciting Science Theater lessons in their classroom conveniently. View It and Do It registration gives you access to a high-quality, educational video of our Science Educators performing a variety of experiments (View It) and activity kits for students to conduct their own experiments after viewing the lesson (Do It)!

View It and Do It lesson videos are $50/video link. Lesson kits are $4/kit. If you have questions regarding View It and Do It, please contact Karen at or (423) 648-6094.

Available Lessons

It's Not Magic, It's Science! (K-1st)
When phenomena are not understood, they often seem like magic. However, once the underlying concept is explained, students realize that it isn’t magic after all. It’s science! In this presentation, children will look at simple tricks and figure out how these illusions use science to trick the audience. The show begins with disappearing water and paper tricks, sleight of hand and optical illusions, and moves into science experiments using real laboratory equipment. For additional curriculum information, click here. 

More View It and Do It lessons coming soon!