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Kings, Queens & Castles

Saturday, January 14 - May 14

Developed in partnership with the World Chess Hall of Fame, Kings, Queens & Castles brings the game of chess to life inviting children and families to explore a giant chessboard, life-size chess pieces and game strategy no matter their mastery level. This exhibit not only invites children and families to learn more about this classic game but piques the interest for those who already play.

Visitors can:

  • Walk across a drawbridge into a medieval castle complete with turret slides and a giant chess board floor and life-size chess pieces.
  • Make a fanciful crown, then don a royal cape and sit on a majestic throne to become a king or queen.
  • Design and create a shield to become a knight.
  • Build the castle walls with oversized interlocking bricks.
  • Learn how to prepare for a game of chess by arranging a giant chess board with large-scale pieces.
  • Play a human chess game dressed as a favorite chess piece.
  • Enjoy a game of chess with a friend while sitting on royal thrones at a one-of-a-kind game table.

Kings, Queens & Castles was created in partnership with The World Chess Hall of Fame and The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum.

Sponsored locally by   Novacopy

Kings, Queens and Castles - The App

Did you know that you can take your experience home with you using the Kings, Queens and Castles app? It's true!

Kings, Queens and Castles has a custom app was developed to accompany the exhibit. Visitors can download the app to create a fun, how-to book on chess featuring them as the main player! Visitors can capture their experience in the exhibit using their camera phone and then insert the photos into a digital memory book. In a few simple moves, they can have a personalized guide to chess that can be referenced again and again when they play the game at home.


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