Family Nights at Your School


An evening event for families. Creative Discovery Museum provides all the materials for 9 activities serving up to 300 participants. We train your presenters and stay on-site insuring the evening runs smoothly.

Fun for All Ages

Engage the entire family after school in fun activities featuring the concepts children are exploring during in-school hours. All Creative Discovery Museum Family Nights are designed to be fun for children aged 4 through adult and last 2 hours.

Elementary Family Nights

Full STEAM Ahead!
Design and construct a variety of prototypes and test models. Families will hone their science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills as they play and learn together.

Families will explore the art of artists and the science of scientists while they work together on nine fun, engaging and creative projects that demonstrate science concepts.

Young Authors’ Literacy Night
Playing with language makes for good family fun! These activities allow families to focus on reading, writing and other language skills. With the help of their caring adults, children will investigate becoming an author. Activities include fun discussions, storytelling, and even making a stop motion film.

Health Night
Jump into healthy habits! Families concoct a healthy recipe, are “grossed out” by their bodily functions and assess their well-being. Families have fun together while exploring healthy habits.

Multicultural Math
Families “travel” to eight different countries and engage in activities specific to the culture of the country. These activities are so much fun that children will have to be reminded that they are measuring, graphing, using fractions, and engaging with mathematical operations, timelines, and geometry. This night is great fun for the entire family!

Middle School Family Night

STEM Night
Explore, analyze, and discover with us. Study aerodynamics, experiment with alternative fuel sources, and investigate old and new technology while you use science, technology, engineering and math to solve these real world puzzles.

Sustainable Solutions
Do you want to know what your ecological footprint is? How well do you understand microplastics and their consequences? Investigate the possibilities of the future by exploring new technologies that encompass engineering, biology, genetics, botany, agriculture, chemistry, ecology and environmental science! Families will work together to explore and create solutions to real world problems. This family night is funded by a generous grant from the Center for BioEnergy Innovations and will come to your school at no cost. 

Family Night Pricing

  • First night booked for a school - $495
  • Second night booked during same school year - $445


To reserve a program and for more information, call Mary at (423) 648-6066.

Family Nights serve an area within a 35 mile radius of the Museum. An additional fuel charge will be added for areas outside this radius.