Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit

May 25 - September 8, 2019

Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit is based on the popular PBS KIDS TV series Dinosaur Train, which features a curious Tyrannosaurus Rex named Buddy who travels through time to discover everything there is to know about dinosaurs. This new exhibit will transport kids back to the time of dinosaurs and encourage basic scientific learning through fun, hands-on activities. Children and their families will explore five main areas of the exhibit:

Dinosaur Train - Nest


Dress up and pretend to be a member of the Pteranodon family, snuggle in soft leaf-shaped pillows to read Dinosaur Train books, and pose for a photo with Mrs. Pteranodon.

Train Station

Visit the ticket booth to get a ticket specific to one of the three time periods of the Mesozoic Era, decorate your very own Junior Conductor hat and wear it with pride, and dance to some of Buddy’s favorite songs from the show – "I’m a T-Rex" and "Great Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet."

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train

Watch a video and learn how a steam engine works, pull the cord of the train’s whistle to alert passengers that the train is leaving the station, and invite a friend to play a hands-on Dinosaur Train board game.

Dinosaur Train Conductor Academy

Junior Conductor Academy

Tap the letter of the “Dinosaurs A to Z” display to flip screen and see and hear the dinosaurs name, compare the size of your femur with that of an Apatosaurus, feed three dinosaur based on their three different diets, and make foot print impressions by pressing fossil stones into clay.

Dinosaur Train Pond

Big Pond

Explore, dig, and make discoveries using paleontology brushes along the perimeter of the beach, go on a scavenger hunt to identify animals that lived alongside the dinosaurs from various animal families, crawl through a tree trunk, and cook a Pteranodon family feast of fish over the fire.

Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit was created by The Magic House™ in collaboration with The Jim Henson Company. © 2018 The Jim Henson Company. Jim Henson’s mark & logo, Dinosaur Train mark & logo, characters and elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved. Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit is sponsored nationally by The Boeing Company, the Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis, Sally and Bill Canfield, the Crawford Taylor Foundation, Judy and Jerry Kent, Monsanto Company and Sigma-Aldrich.

Local sponsorship provided by   First Tennessee Foundation    and    Little Debbie  .