Meet Jaqui Benford Swift

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Meet Jaqui Benford Swift

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Jacquelyn Benford Swift fondly remembers digging for fossils in our dinosaur area as a five year old. But it was during her junior year at Tyner High School that the Creative Discovery Museum really helped spark her passion.

Jacquelyn had joined the Tyner Science Troupe, a for-credit class created by the Creative Discovery Museum in collaboration with high school science teachers. As a member of the Troupe, Jacquelyn worked with other students to develop and present science demonstrations at elementary schools and for Museum audiences. For Jacquelyn, it was a life-changing experience.

“Kids’ faces would light up when something they didn’t expect happened even if it was a basic science principle,” says Jacquelyn. “The ‘aha’ moments and their little epiphanies were what I liked best.“

When children discover their passions, you can inspire their lives forever. Your support of the Museum will help spark joy and passions for careers and inspire all children to explore, innovate, create and play.

Jacquelyn had her own “aha” moment in this unique Museum program. She loved the creativity and hands-on demonstrations the Tyner Science Troupe created. The course taught her science, as well as, how to keep kids’ attention. She was given a basic syllabus with vague bullet points, but working with their Science teacher and Creative Discovery Museum staff, Jacquelyn planned science demonstrations and put her creative spin on it. The presentations were made to Bess T. Shepherd and Hillcrest Elementary School third grade students

After graduating from college, Jacquelyn returned to the Museum as an Educator and was able to further explore career opportunities in education. Now she is planning to teach her own passion as she pursues a master’s degree at Sewanee with ambition to become a college professor teaching English Composition or Creative Writing. This school year, she is continuing her training teaching poetry to children in the Nashville area.

Creative Discovery Museum is more than just a fun day for our children. The programs inside and outside of the Museum provide long-lasting impacts that help shape a child’s future.