Science Theater

Bring your students on a field trip they'll never forget! Budding scientists experience science up close and personal at Science Theater. Our science shows dazzle students with spectacular examples of physical and chemical phenomena and make science come to life. With the liquid nitrogen cannon, electricity flying across the room, objects that seem to defy gravity, hair that literally stands on end and great balls of fire, we amaze and encourage scientists young and old. Our well equipped laboratory and enthusiastic, trained staff turn any physical science topic into a fun afternoon of discovery and exploration.

Some of the shows contain occasional loud noises and explosions. Children bothered by these sounds should sit near the exit doors and be removed from the theater at the appropriate time.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Science

Discover the requirements for sound and observe sound waves as they change with volume, pitch and complexity. Grade level: Lower elementary

Shock Theater

Totally shocking and electrifying demonstrations will literally raise the hair and shock willing participants!

Simple Machines

By using levers, pulleys, wheels and axles, inclined planes, screws and wedges, students will understand the relationships between force, load/resistance and work.

What’s the Matter?

See, feel, hear & smell the relationships between states of matter as solids become liquids, liquids become gases, gases become solids and solids become gases.

Wonder By Thunder

Students understand the instruments used to forecast weather and investigate the forces that influence our climate and weather. Grade level: Upper elementary