Bring your students on a field trip they'll never forget! Budding scientists experience science up close and personal during CDM's STEAM Tour. Our STEAM Tours dazzle students with spectacular examples of physical and chemical phenomena and make science come to life. Your class will experience a 30-minute science demonstration followed by 30-minutes participating in experiments that match the same standards as the demonstration. Lastly, enjoy an hour of further topic exploration in CDM's newly renovated STEMZone and ARTSpace exhibits.

Some of the shows contain occasional loud noises and explosions. Children bothered by these sounds should sit near the exit doors and be removed from the theater at the appropriate time.

Forces and Motion

Defy gravity, shoot rockets and cannons, and race objects of differing masses to explore Newton's Law of Motion and Gravity. Grade level: upper elementary.

It's Electric!

CDM's Electrified STEAM Tour will literally raise the hair of participants! Grade level: upper elementary and middle school.

Keep It Simple Machines

Using a variety of simple machines, students will understand the relationships between force, load/resistance and work. Grade level: lower and upper elementary.

Sense-ational Science

When phenomena aren't understood, they can seem like magic. Once the underlying concept is explained, students realize that it isn’t magic after all. It’s science!

States of Matter

See, feel, hear and smell the relationships between states of matter. Grade level: lower and upper elementary.