STEM Tours

Maximize classroom learning and solidify scientific concepts with a field trip they'll never forget! Our STEM Tours dazzle students with spectacular examples of physical and chemical phenomena and make science come to life.

Tour Information
  • STEM Tour content supports academic standards
  • We can accommodate groups of up to 100 students. Groups larger than 100 will need to make additional reservations.  
  • This 2 ½ hour experience includes:  
    - 30-minute Science Demonstration in our Imaginatorium (All School Groups must enter the Imaginatorium together. For safety reasons, students/teachers may not enter or exit once the demonstration has begun. Some of our science demonstrations include occasional loud noises and explosions. Ear protection is available for audience members with sensory sensitivities.)
    - 35-minute lab experience with multiple touchpoints on the chosen topic
    - 1-hour in UnEarthed and STEM Zone exhibits
  • Teachers, bus drivers, and required school personnel receive free admission. (Additional adult chaperones can NOT be accommodated due to room capacities.)
2023-2024 Pricing Structure

STEM Tour rates are guaranteed for the 2023-2024 school year (ending July 1, 2024). New bookings for 2024-2025 start July 1.

  • $8 per student for groups of 30 or more
  • $4 per student for Title 1 schools
  • Teachers, bus drivers, and required school personnel receive free admission.

Group visits are booked based on availability and fill up quickly!
To book a STEM Tour, please contact the Reservations Department
at (423) 648-6040. Please make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.

Choose from six topics:


Electricity is a powerful force that we use every day. Investigate static and current electricity, build and test circuits using conductors and insulators, and even explore electromagnetism!

Topics explored include: Static and Current Electricity, The Role of Conductors and Insulators in Open and Closed Circuits, Electromagnets

Grades 3-5

sense-ational Science

When phenomena aren't understood, they can seem like magic. Once the underlying concept is explained, students realize that it isn’t magic after all. It’s science!

Topics explored include: The Five Senses, Scientific Thinking and Questioning, Effects of Heating and Cooling on Matter

Grades K-1

Forces and Motion

Forces are all around you, even the ones you can’t see! Experiment with gravity, shoot rockets, and race objects of differing masses to explore Newton's Law of Motion and Gravity.

Topics explored include: Gravity, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Grades 3-5

Simple Machines

Simple Machines make work easier! Using a variety of simple machines, students will understand the relationships between forces, load, and work.

Topics explored include: Relationship between Force, Work, Load, Simple Machines (Levers, Inclined Planes, Screws, Wedges, Wheels and Axles/Pulleys), Identifying the Mechanical Advantages of Simple Machines

Grades 3-5

Making Waves

Let’s make some waves! Explore the different types of waves by playing with sounds and lights, using radios, and vibrating water.

Topics explored include: Electromagnetic and Mechanical Waves, Components of Sound (Vibration, Medium, Receiver), Transparent, Translucent, Opaque, and Reflective Materials

Grades 1-4

States of Matter

Matter makes up everything around us! Examine gases, solids, and liquids, investigate the factors that can change states of matter, and investigate mixtures.

Topics explored include: Atoms as the Building Blocks of Matter, States of Matter and their Properties, Effects of Heating and Cooling on Matter

Grades 2-5.

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$5 CDM Branded Canteen

Items are subject to change according to availability.              

Please order your keepsakes at least five days in advance of your tour. Keepsakes must be paid for prior to your tour.

To order: Call the Museum shop at (423) 756-2738, ext. 276.