earth day celebration


donate recyclables to make it zone

Robotics Week Celebration


SUstainable solutions

There are many ways CDM is practicing Earth Love every day in the Museum and in our community!

  • Refillable water bottle stations

  • Solar charging station on the rooftop

  • Indoor plants

  • Reusing materials in 3D sculpture/Make It Zone

  • Plant plastic toys for sale in gift shop

  • Solar panels

  • Pollinator garden

  • Milk crate garden on rooftop

  • Compost bin in Art Studio

  • Reusing RiverPlay water

  • Reusing paper in ArtSpace

planting with a purpose

We are excited to partner with Hixson High School and Chatt Foundation to utilize our milk crate garden on the rooftop for planting with a purpose! Hixson High School supplied us with seedlings of various leafy greens which will be harvested by CDM visitors and donated to Chatt Foundation.

Seedlings in Hixson High School's greenhouse.

Seedlings being planted by CDM staff.

Seedlings being planted by CDM visitor.

learn at home

Visit our YouTube channel and social media to learn and practice sustainable solutions at home!