CDM Announces Capital Campaign Gift from TVA and BVI

CDM Announces Capital Campaign Gift from TVA and BVI

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Mackenzie Steele
From left to right: Henry Schulson, President and CEO, Creative Discovery Museum, Jim Russell, President and CEO, Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc., Matt Sawhill, Director, Government& Community Relations, TVA East Region.

Creative Discovery Museum is proud to announce a recent $500,000 capital campaign gift from TVA and BVI to support the renovation of the Tennessee RiverPlay exhibit. Each organization contributed $250,000 to the Ignite Discovery campaign, the ongoing capital campaign for the Museum’s comprehensive renovation.

The RiverPlay exhibit, which officially opened to the public in March of 2022, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. The exhibit features two new water tables, a tow boat and a climbing structure. The new water tables incorporate an operational lock and dam system, a hydropower plant that lights a town, a barge that children can load, and a weather system with rain clouds and thunder. The new tow boat was designed with the support and help of the Serodino Barge Company and includes a pilot house, engine room and galley kitchen. The redesign of the climbing structure, supported by Chattanooga Tourism Company, features strong ties to the Tennessee landscape, where children can crawl through a cave, pretend they are hang gliding, enter a hot air balloon, and explore a nook in the clouds.

“We are pleased to have TVA and BVI as sponsors of RiverPlay,” said Henry Schulson, Creative Discovery Museum President and CEO. “TVA plays such an important role in managing the resources of our region and RiverPlay provides families and children with the opportunity to explore many activities that happen on the river. We look forward to working with TVA on programs and other projects that will further extend the impact of this wonderful exhibit.”

Children playing at the water table sponsored by TVA and BVI in the newly renovated Tennessee RiverPlay exhibit.

“This unique exhibit teaches young minds about the power and potential of water in a fun and interactive way,” said TVA Regional Vice President Carol Eimers. “Showing young people how TVA manages the river system for navigation and producing electricity helps stimulate their interest in creative, science-focused careers that shape our world. We are proud to be a partner in helping bring this great display to life.”

With the support of TVA and BVI, Creative Discovery Museum’s Ignite Discovery campaign is currently at $12.5 million raised towards extensive renovations.

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About TVA
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was created by Congress in 1933 and charged with a unique mission—to make life better for the people of the Tennessee Valley through the integrated management of the region’s resources. For more than eight decades, we have worked tirelessly to carry out that mission, and we are working just as hard to make life better for the ten million people who live, work and play in the Valley today.

About BVI
Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc. (BVI) is a nonprofit organization for TVA retirees. Through BVI, retirees can get involved in worthwhile activities such as volunteer work, TVA contract work and FEMA work.

About Creative Discovery Museum
Since opening its doors in 1995, Creative Discovery Museum has welcomed over 5 million visitors. Whether within the walls in Chattanooga or throughout the community and across the nation with its outreach programs, Creative Discovery Museum is a leader in engaging the senses, inspiring exploration and igniting children’s passion for learning through play. The mission of Creative Discovery Museum is to inspire all children to explore, innovate, create and play, making our community the best place for a child to grow up.

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